Some important [ THE INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES ACT. 1947]


The central government as well as the state government are vested with various power and the duties in relation to matters dealt with in this Act. In relation to some industrial disputes the central government and in relation to some other the state government concerned are the Appropriate government to deal with such disputes. Therefore. To avoid repetition. It was expedient to use a pharse which may be used in the same sense in different sections of the Act. The appropriate government is the central government in relation to the following.

ARBITRATOR- Arbitrator includes an umpire

Average pay- average pay means the average of the wages payable to a workman.

AWARD- Award means an interim or final determination of any industrial disputes or of any question relating thereto. The determination must be any Labour Court. Industrial Tribunal. Or National Tribunal. It includes an arbitration award made under section 10- A

Average pay


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