SELFIE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE SIDE Hello friends, now a days youths are more fascinated for selfie. What we think taking selfie is just clicking your own picture, but it is more harmful than that we assume for it. You even cant imagine how much dangerous can be self is for you.taking selfie, unique Selfie, selfie


1. While taking selfie the electromagnetic rays coming out from your android mobile phone can harm your skin. A professional doctor can easily tell that a person holds his mobile phone in which hand, by detecting which side of your face is more damaged. Dermatologists also warn that by taking more selfie you can get wrinkles on your face and it can speeding up your ageing.
2.Selfie not only harm you it can also kills you. Till 2011 there are 250+ cases in which person dies while taking selfie. You just thank god that your name is not in those cases.
3.Taking selfies can damage your rear relationship. Yes guys this is the negative facts which you ever heard about selfies and it has proved in Heriot-Watt university, Edinburgh.
4. Danny Bowmen has committed suicide because he could not get a perfect selfie after wasting his 10 hours a day. He has taken 200+ selfies that day but at the last his mother saved him.taking selfie, unique Selfie, selfie
Friends there are no positive points for taking selfies. Someone says that it feels better and some others says that it build confidence by taking selfies but those are the fake points. You should take selfies but any limit.
taking selfie, unique Selfie, selfie
1. At first Selfie was invented in 1839. It is nothing new.
2. Do you know friends more than 1 million selfies or posted on Instagram per day. If we calculate then we get 11,574 selfie per second.
It is really an interesting fact and very huge figure.
3. The word “selfie” was invented by an Australian drunk man, in 13th September 2002.
4. It become the word of year, for 2003.
taking selfie, unique Selfie, selfie
  • IRAN no selfies with fans.
  • SOUTH KOREA selfie-stick banned
  • LONDON selfie-stick banned
  • SAUDI ARABIA no selfie in mecca.
  • NEW YORK animal selfies ate illegal.
Ending note: If you are a selfie lover, and take at least 20 selfies per day.
Then you should make a limit for love, and believe me it is an serious issue.
Thank you friends!!!!!!selfie

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